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RAPTIVITY - Interactive learning

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RAPTIVITY is the world's first software that allows you to quickly create animations based on the flash files. Is used in e-learning, digital platforms, websites and presentations. They are more impressive, attractive and interactive. Working with RAPTIVITY is not only very easy, but with over 200 templates will be much more productive.

RAPTIVITY main advantages:
  • Create animations, presentations and interactive educational sites
  • Simple to use. Joining as a flash
  • It does not require knowledge of programming
RAPTIVITY is the perfect tool to create a classic memory game, and simulation using advanced 3D animation. Flexible templates allow the creation of interactive content.
RAPTIVITY has a template wizard, which can vary according to the texts of their own needs, styles, colors and pictures. You can create your own animated interactions. The design is simple and flexible. Customers...

Benefits at a glance

Easy to use

To work with RAPTIVITY do not need programming skills. The simplicity of operation and intuitive construction RAPTIVITY makes you lose no time for learning. From immediately you can create projects.

The diversity and flexibility

More than 200 templates RAPTIVITY gives great flexibility of applications and the ability to choose what is needed. More...


RAPTIVITY - the interactions can be exported as a flash file, so you can use them in any program that supports Flash. They are an excellent tool to use LCMS design or web pages. RAPTIVITY - interactions offer greater flexibility and are compatible with SCORM and AICC.

Pedagogical approach

All interactions are based on proven pedagogical knowledge and thereby contribute to the effective presentation of content.

Tests of knowledge

The wizard allows you to easily search for the appropriate tests for the learners. Educational games, simulations, films, and many other exciting opportunities will allow students to gain knowledge and check your skills.

RAPTIVITY without barriers

RAPTIVITY meets the requirements of U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 5) and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), as well as for people with disabilities.
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